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Ventilator at Home

Ventilated patients are often vulnerable individuals who depend on others to maintain their human dignity and quality of life. Ventilator At Home provides clinically stable patients requiring ventilator support with an alternative to lifelong institutional care. It may be suitable for some patients with a range of pathological processes or disorders including those affecting the central nervous, neuromuscular, skeletal cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT) have established many benefits of Ventilation At Home. These include that increased family and community integration and other social interactions enhances patient’s quality of life and patients cared for in their homes have reduced exposure to hospital-borne infections including MRSA/MDRO. For children living with parents and family greatly enhances their normal development and relationships.

Manzil’s expert clinicians including physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and respiratory therapists have significant ventilation education and clinical experience in providing a continuum of ventilator care from partial to full life support. They tailor this care to the patient’s condition e.g. adult recovering from chronic critical illness to palliative care and pediatric to elderly but always include:

  • Interdisciplinary clinical practice and respiratory care.
  • Continuum of chronic disease management using multiple layers of expertise from home care and chronic health services. This ensures a clear
  • understanding of how a disease trajectory affects goals, planning and outcomes

    • Clear therapy goals

    How we can help Providers

  • Freeing hospital ICU beds for acutely ill patients.
  • Low frequency of hospital re-admissions and reduced duration of hospital stay.
  • RCTs indicate an equivalent physiological/clinical efficacy with enhanced cost-effectiveness between Ventilation At Home and hospital care.
  • Quality individualized care provided at lower costs.
  • How Manzil’s care model supports Ventilation At Home

    1. Strong, open lines of communication and multidisciplinary clinical collaboration with other healthcare providers/primary care physician.

    2. Substantial discharge planning/preparation for transition to home care including:

  • Rigorous evaluation of a patient’s clinical and social requirements to ensure that they are medically suitable for Ventilation At Home, that equipment and supplies are available and the home is a safe environment.
  • Consideration of any underlying disease contributing to morbidity/mortality.
  • 3. Manzil clinicians actively include the patient and family in daily decisions and routines which maintains or increases their engagement and commitment to improving the patients Quality of Life

    To ensure:

    1. Smooth transition to homecare a named primary care RN goes to the hospital for handover and a respiratory therapist accompanies the patient and nurse during transport home.

    2. Delivery of quality, standardized clinical practice all care related processes are driven by evidence based policies. Replacement nurses “shadow” in the home before providing care and Manzil’s physician visit weekly.